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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Internet, Security |

Apple denies having provided the FBI UDIDs

Apple denies having provided the FBI UDIDs

If yesterday was the fbi who denied the information provided by the collective AntiSec , which supposedly had been leaked to a million after the theft of a laptop from an FBI agent, which today is Apple responds . The Cupertino have issued an official statement which are detached from any exchange of user information with the FBI.

The note accompanying the UDIDs million indicated they would have in their power to 12 million unique identifiers Apple devices. A wealth of information which included user names, addresses and personal information about them.

The file name of course found in the notebook of the agent induced to think that it was the National Cyber Forensics and Training Alliance, a nonprofit organization created in 1997 by the FBI as a conduit between private industry and law order to help them share information and collaborate on cases.

From a few hours ago Apple has wanted to settle the issue explaining:

The FBI did not request this information from Apple, nor we have provided the FBI or any other organization. Furthermore, with IOS 6 introduced a new set of APIs to replace the use of UDIDs, which will soon no longer be used.

Anyway, the truth is that the information provided by AntiSec, the filtered UDIDs, are real as many users attest to developer Frederic Jacobs. Information that auque itself does not expose too much information about each user, care about how easily they could be stolen.

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