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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Apple |

Apple dismisses Richard Williamson, head of Maps in iOS 6

Apple dismisses Richard Williamson, head of Maps in iOS 6

Staff movements after the release of iOS 6 does not stop at Apple. After the departure of Scott Forstall and other executives a month ago, today we learned that Apple has fired Richard Williamson, the executive responsible for overseeing Maps for iOS 6.

In a note sent by Bloomberg stands that has been fired after the failure that led to the change of Google Maps to Maps for iOS exit 6.

From what is known so far, Eddy Cue Richard Williamson allegedly dismissed due to poor disposal of maps. It is a move that many expected because although Apple were usable yes paled in comparison to those of Google. Eddy Cue last month that took control of the iOS services to correct the errors in the two products were feeling be worse finishes such as maps and Siri.

For now, a month later we have the first consequences of these changes. Cleaning duties Apple has decided and the first to fall was who was in charge, Richard Williamson. In his desire to excel and improve service now available, Eddy Cue and are looking for advice outside of Apple to find the path that leads them to make better maps application. Contacts have been rumored mapping experts and people from Tom Tom to fix the application.

Hopefully these changes serve to create a more efficient internal structure that achieves remedy the failures of these services. If we knew that Apple was making changes to data that shows the application every day, now we are sure you are doing the appropriate changes at management level so that you can correct the errors. See if the following is subject to change and improved Siri, which would fare playing.

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