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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Technology |

Apple introduced the iPhone 5

Apple introduced the iPhone 5

About 10 minutes after starting the event, Phil Schiller , vice president of product marketing at Apple, jumped on stage to talk about the iPhone, not because any model without too many detours, announced the highly anticipated iPhone 5 .

The new mobile device is a terminal with glass and aluminum casing and weighing just 112 grams, ie an extremely light terminal with a weight reduction of about 20% over its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. How could it be otherwise, the terminal has a retina display screen of 4 inches and a resolution of 1136×640 pixels, ie, a 16:9 aspect ratio (thus achieving the rumors have been saying these days).

As the terminal longer than his predecessors, in applications that are not optimized for this new device will appear two black bars (top and bottom) to adapt well to the new image screen (similar to what we see in some domestic TVs ). In addition, the display has a 44% saturation over the iPhone 4S (like the new iPad) and sensors are integrated in the display glass itself, thus giving the user a greater sense of closeness with the interface that is manipulating .

From the point of view of connectivity, the includes LTE also included in the same radio reception system (providing switching between different types of networks, ie 3G LTE). From the point of view of the Wi-Fi, the iPhone 5 comes with network support 802.11n Wi-Fi networks at 5 GHz.

On the hardware, the iPhone 5 revolves around A6 processor (four cores, more performance, optimization of consumption in a chip by 22% smaller than its predecessor), something that has been observed in some of the demonstrations during the presentation of the terminal and that, for example, no longer see the iPhone 5 is the first phone capable of playing level graphics game console.

Apple introduced the iPhone 5 image 2

The camera included is 8 Mpx (with a lens with aperture f/2.4 5 elements that are protected by a sapphire crystal) and has placed special emphasis on its operation in low light, and is has improved the operation of the camera in speed and reduction in noise. On the video, the main camera can capture video at 1080p, add an image stabilizer and a curious detail, it can take photos while recording movies, on the other hand, the front camera can capture video at 720p.

To improve the use of Siri, the virtual assistant, are included in the terminal 3 microphones (which results in improved sound capture and minimize “misunderstandings” wizard) also improved external noise cancellation on the handset, improving listening during conversations.

Apple introduced the iPhone 5 image 3

Another detail than had been talking in recent weeks was the new dock connector of the iPhone 5 which was finally confirmed (although this does not mean we should throw away the cables that we have at home since be marketed an adapter). The new connector, named Lightning, is reversible and 80% smaller than its predecessor.

The iPhone 5 is based on iOS 6 and, on this version of the operating system, have been showing some applications, such as 3D maps or some of the features seen during the last WWDC held during the month of June.

The terminal will be available in both black and white and, in terms of price, it will sell at the same price as the iPhone 4S. In the United States, under contract, the iPhone 4 will be distributed free and the 16GB 4S will be sold at $ 99. ‘And when they will release the iPhone 5? The new iPhone 5 will go on sale from September 21 in the United States and, one week later, that is, from 28 September in Spain and Mexico.

Speaking of dates, Apple has finally given date for iOS 6: on 19 September.

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