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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Hardware |

Apple: it looks like the Mac Pro models “Made in USA”

Last week we told you that would move part of the production of their devices to the U.S. . The news was announced during an interview with Tim Cook and would mean an investment of Cupertino for $ 100 million. Was to know which products would be moved to the country. According to Fortune, it seems that the models Mac Pro .

Cook explained on 6 December that Apple would return to its roots, moving part of the manufacture of the Mac to the U.S.:

Next year we intend to bring some production to the U.S.. This does not mean that Apple will manufacture their products directly but we will work with other companies and invest in them our money … I do not think we have an obligation to create a certain type of work or specific qualification but I think we have the responsibility to create jobs.

As mentioned, a change that left a mystery as to the devices “Made in USA” would begin to be manufactured. One question that Fortune is not as much. The media says there is only one Apple product that fits this investment of 100 million euros, and those are the models, the same will be updated during 2013.

According to Fortune, five would be the keys to this change in the production of Mac Pro from the country:

  • First, a factory with the investment of 100 million, would employ 200 people and produce about 1 million units a year.
  • Last year Apple sold 18 million Macs, 13.5 million including 4.6 million MacBooks and desktops (including iMac, Mac mini and Pro). Of these, only the Mac Pro and the mini sold less than 1 million a year, and of these two, the Mac Pro is considerably heavier and expensive shipping.
  • Apple, through self Cook, has already indicated that they will launch a new Mac Pro in 2013.
  • Additional labor costs associated with the manufacture in the United States can be more easily absorbed by the dollar 2.500/3.500 a Mac Pro that from 1,000 to 1.3000 dollars MacBook or iMac.
  • Finally, the middle notes that the Mac Pro are easier to build and customize than any other Apple product.

Although not official, the keys are targeted by Fortune logical enough, so it’s quite possible that Apple has decided that the signature “Made in USA” with which the production line to start their own devices with the Mac Pro is, possibly the new models come out in 2013.

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