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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Gadgets |

Apple launches new iPod Nano

Apple launches new iPod Nano

Apple has had a fascinating day, featuring spectacular new devices such as the new iPhone 5 . But like many rumors claimed, not only born a new smartphone from the white house on the block, but also renew their family of media players, so they have made official the seventh generation iPod Nano.

We have already met six models in the smaller version of the iPod with a screen, but this time the Cupertino have been worn with a major update that goes far beyond just resize it or change its appearance a bit, and their benefits have been completely improved.

Starting with your screen, this now is 2.5 inch multi-touch panel, so we can move much better through pictures, videos and applications incorporating. In addition, FM Tuner and have included the new Nano DVR, so we can capture our city stations and enjoy radio player directly into this minimum.

And is that the dimensions are really girls, with a thickness of only 5.4 mm, which is 38% less than its predecessor. It also has side buttons to control playback volume, and a Home button in the style of an iPhone, to quickly exit the application and return to the initial menu.

Its design has changed dramatically, especially with the addition of multi-touch screen and Home button, they have left behind the wheel of buttons of earlier generations. Also available in 7 colors.

Lastly, Apple has incorporated the new Nano Bluetooth, enabling you to connect wirelessly to the sound equipment, such as vehicles, and thus transmitting music wirelessly annoying. The battery has been improved and of course, this with the new port Lightning, like the iPhone 5, thus supplanting the 30-pin connector from previous models.

The seventh-generation iPod Nano is priced at $149 with a single 16GB capacity, will be available from October.

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