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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Apple |

Apple loses market share in the field of tablets

Apple loses market share in the field of tablets

In the world of tablets, the from Apple has always been a clearly dominant in the market since it went on sale. When beginning to become popular Android tablets, the iPad already had a considerable share as offered something the rest did not. Although the price is higher than the competition, has not slowed sales, at least so far.

Now things are changed. More and more options are priced lower by doubting the potential customer. In fact, Apple has lost 9.3% market share from the third quarter of 2011 and this year, reaching 50.4% now. Samsung I have is cutting as much distance has increased from 6.5% to 18.4% in the same period of time thus leading to almost triple its share. In addition, Amazon also is putting the batteries with new Kindles, and owns 9% of the market but not information last year to observe their growth. Remember also that Asus has grown 243%, a negligible figure either. Here I present IDC table with all the data.

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Samsung did the best he could with its Galaxy Tab and Note 10.1 and it shows in the results. It sold 5.1 million in the third quarter last year, earning a percentage of 11.9%. We must not neglect the huge marketing campaigns you have done to make them known.

Amazon, meanwhile, last year still had the Kindle Fire in the market. However, it has been going strong thanks to its competitive prices. Moreover, it has already reached its evolution called Kindle Fire HD. However, these are mainly oriented devices Amazon services, but are based on Android leaves something to be desired because of their limitations.

As for Asus, it seems that their alliance with Google to make the Nexus 7 has not been too bad or so data point: now has nearly 9% of the market. His philosophy is also offering cheap devices, but unlike Amazon, offers a full Android experience.

Now Apple has decided to launch the iPad Mini to compete in the small tablet market. Although not as cheap as other brands offer a much better experience because of the large ecosystem of applications that have adapted to the iPad behind. Note that Apple still sells a lot and it shows in sales since have reached the 14 million units compared with 11 last year at the same time.

Still Apple continues to dominate in the field of tablets but increasingly more crowded and louder competitors offering much lower prices. Will the iPad being the head for a long time?

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