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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Economy and Business, Technology |

Apple move part of the production of the U.S. Mac

Apple move part of the production of the U.S. Mac

Today, the vast majority of electronics manufacturers have outsourced and offshored their lines and assembly with the idea of seeking flexible chains with which large volumes of product development and, above all, where you can find skilled labor and inexpensive. In this sense, a large part of the products that we have today in our hands come out of production plants in Asia and products such as the Kindle or the iPhone are manufactured by Foxconn in China. During the 90s, Apple manufactured its products in the United States but the lower costs that Asia had led him to outsource their production and take “across the world” but, as announced by Tim Cook in an interview , the company will invest over $100 million to re-manufacture of its devices in the United States.

Tim Cook’s idea is to move to the United States making the Mac, a change in philosophy that returns to carry “their roots” and that, of course, is a very important decision for the economy because they generate a good number of specialized jobs.

Next year we intend to bring some production to the U.S.. [...] This is not to say that Apple plans to manufacture their products directly but we will work with other companies and invest in them our money

Given that Apple manages more effective than the U.S. Federal Reserve , this news is very important to revive the U.S. industrial base through investment of $ 121.3 million that Apple is ready to make the next year.

Do not think we have an obligation to create a certain type of work or specific qualification but I think we have a responsibility to create jobs

During the interview, did not reveal in which areas of the country could establish these production lines or what percentage of the company’s production in their cases must display “Made in USA”, the CEO said he hopes to establish partnerships with partners to carry out this plan in which participating companies expected to provide more than a simple chain.

And what is this change in philosophy? While Apple had providers in the U.S. (the glass that covers the screen of the iPhone is made in the USA), the company (as well as some others) has been criticized for making their devices by Foxconn working conditions (in semi- slavery) in keeping their workers and, therefore, such changes can bring great advantages of better control of the production chain (to keep it within the territory) and, of course, get rid of this type of reviews and comments.

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