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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in News |

Apple Partners with Foursquare to improve their maps

Apple Partners with Foursquare to improve their maps

The Apple maps have been unsuccessful, it must be said. They had many failures and the users rightly criticized. However, Apple want to improve. To do this, are exploring a partnership with Foursquare to integrate the information held in their service.

Google recently pulled its map application for iOS . This is a much more polished and with a lot more experience in this area. In fact, the user first impressions have been very favorable. In fact, have surpassed 10 million downloads in the first 48 hours . In short, far surpasses iOS maps. However, Apple does not want to give up and wants to offer a better experience partnering with Foursquare.

This mobile application’s main objective is to help users find nearby of interest. Furthermore, we can also keep our contacts at all times where we are saying. The social base is a very important aspect because we can leave reviews, recommendations and advice.

According to some sources have said The Wall Street Journal Apple is in talks with Foursquare for a few weeks. Your strategy should be to produce their own lists to search for nearby sites and integrate them into your mapping and Siri. Thus, would provide a much more direct information in order to avoid using the services of Google.

were subjected to harsh criticism to the point that Tim Cook had to apologize publicly and even encourage users to use other services such as Google Maps, Waze and Nokia Here. Note that at the end of last month, dismissed Richard Williamson, head of maps.

After this disaster, we hope you have an ace up its sleeve to provide superior service to the competition. For now, the plans look good. Integrate information from other services with their own can only lead to a remarkable product. Let’s see if the second time’s the charm.

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