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Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in Apple |

Apple patent headphone speakers who become

Apple patent headphone speakers who become

So far only served to listen and a few had a microphone to speak through them. However, Apple has gone a step further and has patented headphones that have two modes of operation depending on what you want.

The first is to use them to listen through them, ie one ordinary use to which we are all accustomed. However, the second mode, more particularly, allows the user to use the headphone as speakers. It may, for example, connect the phone and let them anywhere to share music with friends through its amplifier. A great idea that until now no one had developed.

In speaker mode, since it needs a more powerful audio, headphones include an amplifier that would be used to amplify audio signals. Note that you can disable for when we want to use the traditional way over his head. This change could be effected by a button or automatically by a detection system that would use a sensor to know the distance to the ears. As was activated, the amplifier will shut down to prevent damage to the ears. Furthermore, in normal mode, the power supply will shut down to conserve

For now it is just a patent and it is unknown whether Apple has plans to implement this system in the short term. But it can do so because this year is showing more interest in this field. Drew his EarPods for their new mobile devices such as the iPhone 5 or iPod Touch , but until now had always included the same white earbuds.

Who has not taught by placing some video or song in the hollow hand mobile speaker to amplify the sound? If you do develop these headphones that gesture would have their days numbered.

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