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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Apple |

Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs a year after his death

Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs a year after his death

Today marks exactly one year since the world learned of a terrible and sad news, Steve Jobs, Apple founder and technology visionary like almost any other in the last century, died after several years in a struggle cancer. Today it was his business and his home as honors, announcing to the world that they miss him.

Yes, Steve was a visionary, no one could deny that. His vision of the world of technology and a thirst for innovation that this man had joined the genius of Steve Wozniak, made possible a world of products as never before been known, even in the huge headquarters of IBM, its “arch” for many years, who had an almost unlimited capital, something that Steve at first not even dream of having.

Among fans (and extremist) technology there is a struggle or eternal debate about who was really Steve Jobs, for some a genius, to others a madman and other more just another executive. But the truth is that although Steve did not have all the skills to develop alone device or computer, their ideas and visions were what gave life to devices like the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod (only mentioning the latest revolutionary products of Apple), which simply revolutionized and changed the market.

Many say that Apple without will never be the same, and he was even more errors attributed to the Directorate of Tim Cook, like the terrible TV commercials called “Genius” that was so criticized that only lasted a couple of days being transmitted, or the incredible amount of pre leaks iPhone 5 , thanks to which it knew about 90% of the new smartphone from Apple before it was official, something that simply did not happen before.

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Apple will continue to grow and innovate, the legacy of Jobs is so great that the company alone would generate more interest for many years, but in my personal opinion Tim Cook has done a good job even before the death of Steve, because he was practicing as CEO when Apple’s head was in his last months of illness.

Jobs created in his company almost a cult, a huge number of fans around the world, thanks to the wonderful products of this company that made them think and be sure that: “If Apple is the best.”

Apple misses Steve Jobs as a child who misses her father, not because he is going to go wrong without it, but because it hurts the departure of its founder at just 56 years of age. In the video tribute we can see on the official website of Apple , Tim Cook mentioned that:

“Steve’s death a year ago today was a very sad and painful, I expect the world to reflect on his extraordinary life and how their work made the world a better place in many ways.

In Apple miss him, but we are also proud of the work we are doing now, delivering wonderful products that our customers love. This is the best tribute to Steve and all that he represented. “

Wise words, and really, the best tribute to Jobs is the continue setting trends and launching unique products and spectacular.

A year and without Steve Jobs. Apple, the geeks and even competitors miss him, but his legacy as big in the world of computers and gadgets are reminded that every day his ideas live on our iPads, iPods, Macs and even on devices competition, which has been influenced by iDevices, so much remains to Steve to see in the future. Unfortunately, the only thing that will never see their wonderful press conferences, a topic where nobody is equated because Jobs knew just keep wondering and amazed every minute of his keynotes.

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