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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Economy and Business |

Apple presents the results of its fiscal fourth quarter

Apple presents the results of its fiscal fourth quarter

released its financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter (Q4) as has become customary for years. A few months ago and made a show of force by posting net profit figures of iTunes (1.8 billion dollars, 70% of online music market) or the iPad sold (17 million). Last night, Apple shake again to reveal their numbers.

Tim Cook, CEO, and Peter Oppenheimer, financial vice-president, have been voices in the press conference which took place. They talked about the importance of the first units sold of the iPhone 5 in the fourth fiscal quarter, a quarter also marked to see how they could change or maintain the downward trend of the range iPod Touch and new Nano submitted six weeks ago. Some of the figures are frightening.

  • Revenues: 36,000 million, 28% more than the same quarter of fiscal 2011, 28,000 million.
  • Net profit: 8,200 million, 24% more than the same quarter of fiscal 2011, 6,620 million.
  • iPhone: 26.9 million units sold, 58% more than the same quarter of fiscal 2011.
  • iPad: 14 million units sold, up 26% over the same quarter of fiscal 2011.
  • Mac: 4.9 million units sold, up 1% compared to the same quarter of fiscal 2011.
  • iPod: 5.3 million units, down 19% compared to the same quarter of fiscal 2011.
  • IOS Devices: 44 million devices sold.
  • App Store: 700,000 apps available.
  • iCloud: 190 million active users, installed on 200 million devices.
  • Apple Store: 390 stores, 140 of them outside the United States, 18 new this quarter, with 19,000 visitors each week on average, 11.2 million revenue per store.
  • Cash: Apple now has 121,000 million in cash, compared to 117,000 million a year ago.

Apple presents the results of its fiscal fourth quarter image 2

After presenting these impressive figures, where only out of tune the halt to sales of the Mac (in part by the new demand for iPad) and then 19 down iPod sales (cannibalized by the iPhone and even the iPad, as Jobs said that could happen with the appearance of the first iPhone), Tim Cook has responded to some questions from reporters.

You talked about the satisfaction of the company relative to the robust demand for iPhone. Far from falling, the iPhone 5 is that it has sold more units in its first weekend on the market for six generations. Also referred to initial production problems that have already submitted and improved this October in that aspect.

Also referred to its expansion plans beyond the 100 countries where they have any Apple Store, since the last six weeks have been a perfect time for Apple. No wonder, since the September 12 until today there have been no more and no less than the iPhone 5, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad mini, iMac, MacBook Pro Retina 13 “, Mac Mini, and the new EarPods.

The excellent performance of most of these releases, especially the iPhone 5 in terms of sales potential, predicts that far from stabilized, these numbers continue to increase (the estimate of Tim Cook is an income of 52,000 million for Q1 2013 the first fiscal quarter of next year). And is that the iPhone 5 said that despite the tough competition, further consolidated at the top and giving Apple even higher profits than those achieved so far, accompanied by all the new releases.

Apple presents the results of its fiscal fourth quarter image 3

Cook has continued answering questions about the iPad, ensuring that the 14 million iPad sold more than meet expectations, noting that the constant rumors about new products sales stagnated, since the purchase was latent desire. With two new models, and a third low cost mateniendo the 9’7 inch (iPad 2), consumers will now be able to launch them and pick up the sales figures.

On the iPad, Tim has continued to defend the price of iPad mini with the argument quality. Alleging that is not expensive, as the user experience with an iPad mini is only comparable to that of an iPad, and the durability of it is very high in terms of time of enjoyment of its users. He argues that this enjoyment with other hard only at the time of purchase, and that goes for the rest of time.

Tim Cook has sidestepped other questions or responded partially, and when I have asked China (figures collected praised noting that this country accounts for 15% of fiscal year) for the hardware subsidy model (appealing to the intelligence customer loyalty and build the best Apple product), for the problem with Samsung in providing LCD screens (Apple saying only that his client is more components and relationships are maintained), or Surface, the new Microsoft tablet (speaking of the confusion created by not having a defined, or not being able to handle state yet).

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