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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Apple, News |

Apple Store, corruption in U.S. stores

Apple Store, corruption in U.S. stores

Gizmodo just uncover a scandal that has been going on for months in some of the Apple Store that the company has in the U.S., where certain have severe behavioral problems threatening the image of perfection that tries to give the company.

Sources have detailed these situations, describe some stores are not just a poorly run site, but literally a playground for staff.

The perfection of Apple has been broken with employees that destroy devices for fun, organize parties or openly steal products in the backroom for pleasure.

The stores in question who suffer such problems with corrupt employees are spread across the U.S., through California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New York and Texas.

The habit of breaking high value devices by some of these employees is practically an entertainment for them, according to internal sources have told the store, who are amazed with what happens there.

After the excitement of the screens or rupture parts of the devices vanishes corrupt employees start position broken or old products within the normal inventory store. Discount codes are also applied in a completely liberal, often in deals invalid.

As if this were not enough, the employee who has revealed this scandal, details that also stores harassment occur regularly, without any legal consequences. Personal data that clients leave attractive by purchasing a product or online promotion are used for various purposes, outside the professional sphere in which they should be used.

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Moreover, according to this source of fraud cases are on the agenda, and the drug trade in stores between employees are constants.

We all know there will always be criminals and all work, but when they get so many mass emails repeating these same phenomena corrupt, we would have to ask how a company like Apple can have internal chaos of these magnitudes.

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