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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Apple, Screens and TV |

Apple testing future designs TV

Apple testing future designs TV

Apple is working with its suppliers in Asia to test the large high-resolution display with liquid crystal televisions in their prototypes according to several sources familiar with the project to The Wall Street Journal .

Little is known about how the company is moving in the TV market, which will intensify competition with Samsung, if this project becomes reality.

Officials of one of Apple’s suppliers, who requested anonymity, confirmed that the Cupertino company is working on several test for high-resolution TV.

Specifically two people involved in the assembly of the iPhone and the iPad , confirm that while they are working closely with Sharp to create this new prototype, this would only be an informal draft, and for the moment only has begun phase tests.

Generally the company develops and tests its products internally before contacting outside vendors, so it would not be surprising that the first of TV take a couple of months on the desk of Tim Cook.

If Apple continues with its overall strategy to re-imagine the way consumers watch television right now, hopefully this next product is a complete revolution, and as such a risk to take for Apple, whose shareholders are more which concerned the nature of the future plans of the company.

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