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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Economy and Business, Technology |

Apple would be testing designs for a new TV

Apple would be testing designs for a new TV

According to this morning has the Wall Street Journal, would be in right now working with Sharp and Foxconn in the design of a new TV . Although there have been many speculations in the past on the television output of Cupertino, from the newspaper claim to have reliable sources.

Apple is working with component suppliers in Asia to test various designs of television sets, a story that never get nearer to the real possibility of a under the Apple label. The newspaper said at least two people are confirmed working with Sharp on the design of the new device.

The rumor is very likely if we think that Apple is working with suppliers for new designs all the time, whether from TVs or other adoptions that may or may not end up in the market. In the case of television, WSJ says it is a project in time where Apple has been shuffling different prototypes for years. Generally, the company tests and develops products internally before contacting outside vendors.

Moreover, the Apple supplier, Hon Hai, known by the trade name Foxconn, has been expanding in recent years in the market for large HD TVs with Sharp. Also come to endorse the words of Tim Cook in a recent interview with NBC News. During the same Cook said:

Our interest in television has progressed beyond a hobby. Turn on the television today has nothing to do with 20 or 30 years ago. It is an area of great interest to us, I can not say more than that.

As for the features, how little they know is that the paper would be designed based on an advanced LCD TV 60 inches. A rumor that could end in anything again or even could lead to an alternative device other than a TV. Time will tell whether one will eventually come to market Apple TV.

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