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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Applications for independent authors

Applications for independent authors

A few days ago we told you about PayHip , a platform that allows to get rid of the middlemen and to publish their books on the Internet for readers to purchase them using PayPal. By the way, is a very useful service and completely free, ideal for aspiring writers who want to make a living with his words. However, leads to another question: where on internet have to have a presence independent authors?

We’ve put together a list of some applications that can be very helpful for authors who are not related to a particular publisher. Some of these applications include desktop, other phones, many are popular, some may be a total discovery.

  • Reading does not have to be on paper. The independent authors can also tell their stories on websites or blogs, where they can have a much larger readership. You can use various platforms for this. Blogger is one of them, the “oldest” one might say, but we also have WordPress , with some plugins and customization options most interesting, and even Tumblr, with a large user community with which we can connect. Furthermore, most of these platforms also have mobile applications from which we can manage our blog. The way of narrating through is not new, it is true that at first we did not get money, but how many times have we bought books that were once a blog? Also can be used as an alternative communication channel and, why not, as a way to publish a story parallel stories that have already published. Us many options.
  • Do not dismiss the social media presence. They are new platforms that can serve not only to promote our work but also as a communication channel itself. Facebook and Twitter also allow us to tell a story in a much more dynamic. On several occasions I have found Twitter accounts taking the limit of 140 characters challenging narrative and assemble mini novels to be “published” in installments like a serial century. On these occasions the readers can make their own comments and change the shape of the plot. Again, internet gives us many possibilities and is not bad leverage feedback from readers.
  • You can also use social networks specific to the world of readers. A few days ago we spoke of GoodReads , and as independent authors can not lose the opportunity to have a presence there. Let us have a blog where we can tell what we’re working, and put links to our books and places where you can buy. We also have access to a huge community of readers participating in the site just to discover new titles. If there is a niche of readers online, can be found in GoodReads.
  • Learn the details of the ebooks. Creating ebooks is not a simple matter and often the authors may be limited to PDF format, which in turn limits the possibilities of users-some e-book readers do not get along very well with PDF format and should know better alternatives. With Calibre can convert files to the most popular formats of ebooks, but it is better that we take at least one day to understand how the formats of ebooks on the network, what features they have, and other information, to basically know how to create and make Internet available for our potential readers. Not too complicated but if we have this knowledge, the world of digital publishing will go unwrapping our feet.
  • Related to the previous point, put technology. Find out what are the apps of the moment. Nobody says you can not create applications related to one of your stories. This could be novel and attract attention to your work. It just requires a little creativity and even help with your followers. You can even create an application so that users will select their own end of their stories. It’s a job you could differentiate from the rest. Internet helps us to change the traditional narratives and think outside the box.
  • PayHip addition, there are other applications that allow you to sell your book independently, such as Indie Aisle . Also Amazon leaves us up if we independent authors publications, will be in our hands then promote it. Several of these platforms are free, some charge a commission, but ultimately, help our work is published and available for download, and can be a source of income.
  • Applications that are used to fire your imagination. For example, on your iPhone or iPad, you can use a multitude of applications to explore ideas, write them down, develop, even handwritten ones to have a reminder later. The app Moleskine , audio recording applications for recording ideas, the app Paper … Anyway, the options are endless for all smartphones, and each can decide which ones suit them best.

Of course, as always, are welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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