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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Guides / Tips | 3 comments

Applications to remove duplicate files

Applications to remove duplicate files

Duplicate files are a plague. We’re storing without realizing it, are taking up space on the hard drive of our PC, and if we are going to continue collecting slowing our computer. So, the best way to deal with this problem is to identify and remove duplicate files. Now this can be tricky because they usually are in different folders. To facilitate our existence there is a whole breed of applications.

Some are better, some are free, but basically what these applications to find and remove them for us. We have spoken about other tools to optimize the use of the PC or the Mac, such as applications that delete records, search directories, and more. Here we select 10 applications that are used exclusively to delete duplicate files, if you prefer, you can download one that has more functionality and act as suite to optimize the use of the PC.

  • Fast Duplicate File Finder : This free tool lets you delete files, songs, documents, photographs, which appear more than once in our computer. Obviously. Its value lies in the velocity differential action is.
  • Duplicate Cleaner 2.0 : with this program have enough customization options, being able to choose colors that will identify duplicate documents for better, for example. It is also free and has a friendly interface within all.
  • WinMerge : this program works on both Windows and Linux and allows us to delete files that have two or more times in the PC. What you can do in addition is to join two files that are duplicates, instead of deleting information that is in one but not in another.
  • dupeGuru : to make a more personal and smaller scale, dupeGuru can select different folders at the same time to see if we have repeated files. The free version allows you to remove up to 10 files at a time.
  • DoubleKiller : this application is free, but has a paid version that is more powerful. It is a tool to compare files that are duplicates, focusing on those that have been updated more recently.
  • Easy Duplicate Finder : With this application we can remove duplicate files but specializes in what is removing songs and pictures, which is essential if we use a program like iTunes that creates a parallel library on the PC.
  • CloneSpy : allows us to automate the task of removing the files, in addition to a single simple interface that eliminates usage issues. It is particularly ideal for files that are identical: that is, they are created or modified at the same time, have the same name,.
  • Duplicate File Finder : as we see there is a wide variation in the names of these applications. This is ideal because it is free but can be used in corporate networks of computers, and allows us to export reports in HTML.
  • Anti Twin : this also is ideal when removing duplicate songs, and completely free. We can scan the contents of the file to see if, even though they have different names, this is a duplicate document.
  • Duplicate Files Searcher : This program also has a very simple to use interface, which eliminates directly from the app to find duplicate files. It is available for multiple operating systems, including Mac
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  1. The best and safest free duplicate file finder is from ashisoft… It got 5 stars from CNET.

  2. ashisoft is the worst as it’s absolutely handicapped in the free version.

    the comments about the programme are below each article reviewing dupkillers.