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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet |

Applying security to your new account

Applying security to your new account

We are still investigating the intricacies of one of the most interesting services launched lately. Recently, Microsoft decided to kill the mythical Hotmail, a web mail for many was the first Internet services used in favor of the new , which amounts to a complete revamp of it under a new domain and a new philosophy.

After talking about how to configure mobile devices , although this still have something to say, listening to the next note-now try to give some advice to implement extra security to our brand new account on the webmail service of Microsoft.

It is certainly a good idea to restrict the content of third parties in the face of an infection not receiving via mail through the mail we receive, although these are people we know. And for that has its own option in settings. For this board and everyone else will use the setup menu and that more input options.

Once there go to Third Party Content and selected convenience. Specifically, we can block such content, but also in the same option to specify what content we can access other, forming if wish to see our Twitter account and Facebook or not, and access to advice that our privacy is not at stake. Manage Connections option is ideal for this.

Like Gmail, but here wisely disabled by default, have the option to save the message history of integrated chat. To configure this we must go to Historic posts in the Manage Account section.

Finally, it is also a good idea to stop by the Privacy section of Advanced Options, where there are two interesting points. The first address autocompletion. You can activate the auto-complete, in order to search among all the people with whom we interacted, or restrict it to our address book to send emails only to whom we desire, and sometimes interactions that have been so many that we can have very similar names to contact us and end up sending the email to whom we should not.

The second option in this section is to be able to recover deleted messages. Are our emails are very important and sensitive as to hold them in the trash and recoverable? No problem, Outlook offers the possibility that there is no way to retrieve them.

Many of the options you find on the subject of security, as mentioned on third lock could change in coming weeks, or expect them to. They offer the option to comply perfectly with what they promise, but if you are new users you will have discovered that many of the pages flow into other ancient Hotmail or For example, the mobile version does not yet have the Outlook interface, and although mail is fully functional, we actually operating under the mobile web, I needed a remodel and it seems that sooner or later will also.

Less related to but are also interesting options Keyboard shortcuts, where a smart move by Microsoft have decided to include shortcuts for Gmail or Yahoo Mail, so that power users of both services users can also become advanced without having to learn new combinations.

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