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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Internet, Software |

Artery, the platform to sell content via Dropbox

Artery, the platform to sell content via Dropbox

Internet has meant, among other things, ease of doing business with anywhere in the world without leaving home, even for users who are not even part of a company. Artery aims to become the ideal platform for artists and creators digital content they want to sell their works through the network.

The funny comes with the format adopted, with the tool that makes use: Dropbox. Its main advantage is the ability to update the on our website. Nothing cumbersome FTP uploads or complicated management of folders. Only we have to modify the content of your Dropbox folder. Said and done, Artery automatically create attractive galleries in a fancy way to present content we are putting on sale.

A similar format to the app stores of mobile platforms. The creator applies knowledge (in this case, more creativity than knowledge) to create and easily upload to a global where centralize content, a great showcase seen by many more people (potential buyers) that small individual exhibitors, as personal blogs. Pictures, videos, illustrations, ebooks, software, animations, templates … Any ojeable from internet content.

Payments are also identically to the above: a percentage to the creator, one for Artery. In this case, a 60-40% in favor of the creator, the same rate as that used in the App Store, for example. It also has other pricing plans and subscriptions for users who want extra options. Another new example of democratization and globalization which is internet: anyone can sell their creations to the world easily.

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