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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Photography |

Ascendance: Perseid meteor shower through an epic time lapse

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words perfectly fulfills this spectacular piece of filmmaker Henry Lee Wah June . The Joshua Tree National Park and the Bristlecone Pine Forest in California as never before seen. One of the best time lapse seen during this 2012.

And is that seeing the images, you think this location should be a must. A study in August, during the Perseid meteor shower, final lasting just three minutes.

Ascendance is a visual piece that brings us to the sublime landscape of California, the night of this unique space in contrast with rays, stars and meteors in the Milky Way.

The artist explains part of the concept of the work from his Vimeo page :

The piece is a tribute to the power of the unpredictable nature of their beauty. I went to shoot the meteor shower but finally I found more. Once there, you never know for sure what nature will bring. Be ready for a magical experience.

A piece that also can enjoy in HD . The song that accompanies the book is Honor, Justin R. Durban.

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