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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Freedom of expression, Internet |

Assange: “I have hope that the White House halt research on WikiLeaks”

spoke from the Embassy of Ecuador. The public face of attacks the U.S. government and its harassment of the leak site and the soldier Bradley Manning.

Assange, in a rally called by Ecuador to coincide with the UN summit, has said:

It is time for the United States to end the persecution of WikiLeaks, to stop the persecution of our people and to stop the persecution of our alleged sources.

Man remains refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London in an effort to avoid extradition to Sweden, possibly after passing to the United States where he could be prosecuted. For Assange, who is receiving treatment to inform the suspect WikiLeaks , Bradley Manning, could not be more demeaning:

I want to break, compel testimony against WikiLeaks and against me in court.

A court is scheduled to begin in February 2013. Not only Manning, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, a declassified Air Force indicate that military personnel in contact with supporters of WikiLeaks could be charged with “communicating with the enemy”, which would entail the death penalty in the country. According to Assange:

This report is an example of the absurd neo-McCarthyist fervor that exists in some of these departments in the U.S. government. Still, I have hope that the current White House halt investigations over time.

Finally, finished showing their concern about what might happen to him:

If extradited to Sweden I would be sent to the U.S. for criminal prosecution. Sweden refused to give any guarantee whatsoever about the steps to be taken.

Meanwhile, the British courts have ordered Assange be extradited to Sweden to face the subpoena and answer questions about his alleged sexual assault. A case initiated following a complaint from a Swedish woman who says the WikiLeaks founder had sex with her without consent after the condom broke.

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