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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Windows |

Assigning keys to the extra buttons on your mouse in Windows

Assigning keys to the extra buttons on your mouse in Windows

The mouse or is one of those peripherals that come with computers for years and rarely in the repair, precisely because we are used to it. Being the parent to control desktop systems today, and knowing that could gradually disappear in favor of touch screens, there are many models of this device, and many applications to take advantage.

Surely designers, gamers and power users simply utilicéis mice with more than three buttons. Additional keys that allow us to assign tools or actions to save time or make us work or leisure more comfortable. However, most of these mice include proprietary software that can only be used with peripherals that include. Mouse Manager change that, providing a generic utility and free to take advantage of any additional mouse buttons.

Presented under a simple interface, the application allows us to assign the two additional buttons that mice usually have special and to assign them to emulate or keystroke combinations on your keyboard. It is an ideal utility for the aforementioned designers or gamers, but also to anyone who has a mouse of these characteristics, for example being able to assign the Enter key to our fourth mouse button to execute commands or send confirmation.

The application is divided into two main tabs. In the first we can enable or disable use (ideal for example for use only at certain times) and set up your system boot. The second allows us to create different profiles to assign the fourth and fifth buttons of our peripheral.

Add a new profile is as simple as clicking the Add button and write keys you want to use, and afterwards delete or create additional combinations.

Once everything is set, and we have such profiles for our different games, we can forget about the interface, and switching between them is as easy as using the context menu of the program icon in the system tray. Once you begin to use it, you will not want to leave, and in many cases will give more play than proprietary applications that are normally included with these devices.

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