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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Technology |

Assumption report U.S. government denies spying for China Huawei

Assumption report U.S. government denies spying for China Huawei

Last week, a committee of the U.S. Congress released its findings on the investigation open to ZTE and to assess the degree of dependence of both telcos with the government of and the possibility that both systems include backdoors or which are used by the Chinese government to spy on U.S. communications. The story might seem straight out of a spy novel but in the end, the commission recommended vetoing these manufacturers products in government applications. Barely a week after this announcement, Reuters has published a report leaks within the U.S. Government that precisely says otherwise since it indicates that no evidence has been found to sustain that Huawei spying for China.

Accusations and suspicions about Huawei and ZTE have long been moving in the U.S. and some other ex-intelligence analyst has launched accusations against these manufacturers that currently occupy the second (Huawei) and fifth (ZTE) position regarding share market in telecommunications equipment (and their teams have a presence in a number of operators around the world).

According to the report seen by Reuters, through a source close to the production, No indications were found backdoors or manipulation Huawei spy indicating that the communications sent by their teams:

We knew that some sectors of government really wanted us to find evidence showing that spying. The would have found if they had actually been there

Huawei, which from the beginning has maintained his innocence has made a brief statement reiterating that fact in the independence of the company and is a multinational company and customers worldwide. Anyway, the report is still not made public and, therefore, there is no way yet to compare this information that is at odds with the conclusions of the Committee of the U.S. Congress (reinforcing the view that this is more a strategy protectionist market to curb the Chinese push really a case of espionage).

Still, some security experts, as Felix Lindner , claiming that Huawei equipment there are many vulnerabilities compared to what can be found in the software of Cisco equipment and that, therefore, no one can guarantee that these bugs are not there intentionally.

Intentional or not, the conclusions of the report of the Congress, for example, have closed the door to Huawei in Canada (which has also banned their teams), so a counter officer could leave Congress in a very difficult situation (if it were to confirmed this).

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