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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Rumors, Tablets |

Asus is preparing a Nexus 7 with 3G

Asus is preparing a Nexus 7 with 3G

The Nexus 7 , the tablet of Google manufactured by , on sale now for $199, is one of the tablets that have better cost / benefit ratio in the market today, not only in the segment of Android tablets but in any other segment, which is possible because Asus included an excellent set of hardware features because Google does not have hardly any profit on the cost of production as a strategy to gain market share quickly to the domain of other manufacturers.

However, despite its powerful NVIDIA Tegra 3, the first version of the Nexus 7 decided to remove the 3G chip to reduce costs, so in this version only has Wi-Fi connectivity, which limits portability of the tablet, at least in the places where to get an open connection is simply a utopia. This is what stopped me from purchasing a Nexus 7 as a tablet to work only at home or office is a scenario quite limited.

Google, knowing that the lack of 3G connectivity has limited sales, Asus has commissioned an updated version of the with 3G. Asus is rumored to already be working flat out to announce it within 6 weeks. Although this could put this tablet slightly above $200, I think it is an added value for which is worth paying, and that will make many, like me, yes we decide to buy it now, it would continue to provide excellent performance for a reduced price to improve its portability.

Wait until October to see whether or not confirm the rumors.

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