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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Features, News, Tablets |

ATIV Samsung Tab, first impressions

ATIV Samsung Tab, first impressions

Windows 8 is certainly one of the most interesting projects we have seen in the world of technology lately. Destined to pick the best of the world of tablets, the world’s best desktop and put it all in a single system, after having followed the track for more than a year after its introduction in the 2012 BUILD last September 2011 and see betting (historical) of Microsoft as it has done with its Surface only we needed to see what the response of companies to launch their own devices with the new version of the most used operating system in the world.

And has not been left half, from this in Berlin we are covering comes with strong aspirations to take shape in a completely renovated and Series 9 ATIV range, apart from the ATIV S, a terminal with Windows Phone 8 The time component of convertible laptops (tablets that can hook a keyboard to use as portable) ATIV Series Smart PC and the device at hand, the ATIV Tab.

The ATIV Tab, as its name ahead of us is nothing other than a Tab, a tablet of Samsung, but riding the RT version of Windows 8 completely ignores keyboard and leaving us with a focus on mobility device and operating system Microsoft’s main hallmark.

ATIV Samsung Tab, first impressions image 2

The screen is 10.1 with 1366×768 and was probably one of the least convinced us of the same. Without being bad stays far enough away from potential competition as the iPad and the other company’s commitment to Android, and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The colors and contrast of the same also look a bit dull for my taste and the response of the screen a bit slow.

Speaking of fluency, Tab ATIV mounts a dual core processor at 1.5 Ghz but perhaps for that RT version or some other type of hardware items that may not go too well tuned and used feels noticeably slower than their Smart PC ATIV companions and other machines with Windows 8 that we could try.

ATIV Samsung Tab, first impressions image 3

With almost 570 grams and 9 mm thick tablet complies in design and portability but falls a bit loose, like so much else in Samsung, regarding the quality of the finish, that with that cheap plastic and flimsy half are crying out for a little more consistency. Know by the time price and availability, but it is hoped that the latter approach for this autumn after the release of Windows 8.

One of the first questions that may arise to carefully analyze this new tablet of the Korean company may be worth buying if or else go for a Smart PC, which in turn gives us the best of laptops with a keyboard physical well designed and yet we can separate the TV screen and turn it into a tablet with almost the same performance as in the case of ATIV Tab.

ATIV Samsung Tab, first impressions image 4

Not to mention the aspect of price, which is probably higher in the case of Smart PC ATIV admittedly a priori almost bet worth more for a Smart PC and play it safe than risk a Tab ATIV that precisely the same due to the lack of physical keyboard is a bit loose us.

ATIV Samsung Tab, first impressions image 5

A bet ultimately somewhat warm by Samsung with this exclusive first tablet with Windows 8, hopefully soon be able to have units and make a much more thorough review.

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