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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Entertainment, Multimedia |

Audiobooks or when books are not just text

Audiobooks or when books are not just text

In these days when daily transportation to and fro in the cities tend to take off more time than we would like, audiobooks or audiobooks are an interesting option to not stop reading for lack of hours of couch. When we think that a book does not have to be made of paper, begin to find other ways to enjoy long or short works, but in other ways we make difficult reading.

An audiobook recording is basically a text read. If you read the author who have an edge in experience what we are expecting and an opportunity to approach the writer through a different sensibility. Although there are programs that reproduce audio text mode, which “read” with a voice about robotics. I do not recommend using this mode at all for leisure or pleasure reading, unless absolutely necessary, but it is good to have in mind, for example, we need to read a document and do not have the space, time or conditions to do so.

Here anyway, I will refer to as an alternative way to get in touch with authors and their books, especially for those who no longer have the time to sit down and enjoy a book for a couple of hours and increasingly see in Digital options available wonderful solutions to keep in touch with literary works.

Some people say they are not concentrated in the same way with the sound of reading the text, but this depends somewhat on the context in which it is used. If you no longer have lives that allow us to hours of reading, we should not give up meeting new books or authors that, just at a time where it publishes more than ever and there is so much to discover.

An exercise I propose: account at the end of your day or week how many hours did you spend in the following situations:

  • Public transport or traffic jams
  • Hours gym, or exercise, or running in the park
  • Cleanliness and order in the home
  • Out walking the dog
  • Ratos dead waiting rooms, doctor, several procedures.

Add the hours and tell me how many books you would hear in a month with this system. I’m sure more than four.

Resources to start

A thousand ways to meet audiobooks and use this system to our readings, depends on the devices and formats we use, but we recommend here are some options for those who want to start listening to your favorite authors.

  • Apps for smartphones: Audiobooks is an app available for both Android and for iPhone and iPad . With a library of free audiobooks in 5154 over 2,800 iOS and Android, allow access to stream or downloaded books and of course, when you return the book, find the “audiolectura” the point where you left off. To realize the amount of choices we have only just do a search with the word “audiobooks”.
  • is an Amazon company that puts 100,000 titles available to Kindle readers or other devices with Whispersync system for Voice, which allows switching between text version of the Kindle and the audiobook, so if we’re reading “by sight” at home and we have to leave, we can move on to the audiobook version to continue listening to the reading from there, and return to the book written when we want. In addition to that you’re happy with what you buy, let you return the book for the next 12 months after you bought it, no questions asked. They have different plans, but for starters there is a period of three months on the $ 7.49 charge. After those months, the monthly fee is $ 14.95, with the ability to access an audiobook per month.
  • Spotify : With Spotify provides great service and a subscription plan for 10 euros / dollars per month that allows you to listen audio from the phone in offline mode, it is logical to ask them about the idea of audiobooks for Spotify as an added service or distinct from music tracks. But the company has said it prefers to focus on the world of music and not the editorial, despite our desire to have a Spotify Audiobooks. However, many of its tracks are not songs but locutados books and doing a search on the application we can find audiobooks, generally classic or public domain works.

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