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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Books, Intellectual Property |

Author manga releases its sales millions of copyright for the public to play

Author manga releases its sales millions of copyright for the public to play

Here we have an action against those who believe that without an artist loses his way of earning a living. Shuho Sata, author of the award winning manga Say Hello To Black Jack, with over 10 million sales, released from September 15 work . Since that date there will be no copyright in his work, a new formula that according to the author, could lead to a second market according to the new times.

The idea is that their work continues to function without the protection of copyright, a formula that would give a “second use” or life to them beyond the limits imposed by copyright.

This means that from next September 15 in the world anyone will be free to photocopy the work, creating parallel products on it or adapt it, whether for commercial or noncommercial purposes without paying royalties for it. Sata A search for alternatives to the old model of intellectual property rights.

And is that the author decided to terminate the contract after he held together with his original publisher start a solo adventure. He opened his own publishing website and got all his work. The idea was to find a formula where the artist gets to make a living without depending on exclusivity. According Sata:

The traditional model of profit clinging to an author is getting stale. I want to explore the potential benefits to the authors there beyond the system.

The next step of the author was exhibiting his work in Tokyo and provide a photocopier for attendees could copy everything they wanted. As he says, in essence does not waive copyright, which is that people do not comply, grants or unleashes a free market that can use their work to create adaptations in different languages, so that can build applications on it, movies, merchandise and products on it or anything that these “seconds” users want or wish.

The fine print of what it offers is a statement of intent:

  • Conditions of use: no need to contact us in advance.
  • Other rights: we do not require any kind of reward.
  • You will be happy if you can use the work freely.

The author is not clear how will this new adventure but it is clear that the results will be interesting to see if possible a market or better than the current system that dictate copyright:

The only way to find something better, or at least that fits and is in line with current technology, is heading in the opposite direction and see where it takes us.

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