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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Entertainment, Guides / Tips, Multimedia, Windows |

Auto Arrange your MP3 music library

Auto Arrange your MP3 music library

Do you remember your music discovery purely digital? Surely a percentage of the readers, for example, cassette tapes and musical storage medium you are a bit far, and is the Compact Disc physical format that has used and enjoyed consumption after passing 100% digital music.

Purely digital because they depend on physical media, but simply need software to play it. And of all the formats, which are few, the king is the , based on utilization, disk space and good quality compression.

When one enters the digital music world realizes several things. For starters, we need not necessarily have if we did something before: Covers, or even production notes or credits of music we listen to. All this had its space reserved in traditional formats, but now, if we are taking our first steps, we may not have much idea of how to continue enjoying these additional data that complement the listening.

So there is information and data stored on specific parts of files or even in separate files. In an MP3 file using ID3Tag usual for this case, with a second version that extends the standard and we can save even the complete lyrics of a song or album art in the file.

If you love music and have not yet made the leap to Spotify, or maybe this is not enough and you want to automatically update your MP3 collection with their cover images is now easier than ever thanks to a Windows application specific for this: MP3 CoverTag .

The application handles it alone to find the covers and update our records, and how to use it could not be easier:

Once launched, we find an interface where we can add MP3 files either by dragging or using the dedicated button for it, on top. If you look, there is an option that lets you select whether or not to overwrite the cover if it already exists, ideal for operations with many files at once.

The start button cover search will begin with the search operation and tagueo, something we can do with all those MP3 want from the developer but we do warn us in the right measure, because although it is entirely possible, operations with many files can slow the whole process, and that is the option that is missing is one that allows us to pause and continue.

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