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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Features, Internet |

Automatic saving of selected text in Firerox

Automatic saving of selected text in Firerox

The Windows clipboard or other user operating system remains one of the pieces that we use every day, even without realizing it, as well as perform other actions read content such as saving or highlight certain parts. This long, there are profits to enhance their performance are many, and I’ve discovered Bitelia few .

Today I wanted to talk to Highlighted Text To File , a complement to one of the star browsers: Mozilla Firefox. The extension allows us to basically do a self-selected text pasted into a text file of your choice. The perfect way to store content and not lose absolutely nothing to excel in the network.

This is an ideal and I would say, almost indispensable for anyone fanatic Productivity to play much of his time with copy and paste operations. The advantage is obvious, and also saving time, although we are only replacing the action of pressing Ctrl + C or click the icon to copy paste manually later. You just access the context menu and click on the Save to text file.

The operation is as simple, and the option will be available as soon as we install the. In addition, there are some very interesting options that complement the experience and can give us a greater boost to productivity:

  • Include the date and time in the file name
  • Include the date and time in the file itself
  • Insert lines between text elements
  • Enter the URL of the site from which we copy the text
  • Save clipboard contents to a new file or append to existing

Of course, we chose the name and the directory where the file is hosted.

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