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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Windows |

Automatic switching hosts file in Windows

Automatic switching hosts file in Windows

The hosts file is an old acquaintance of system administrators, and many users have occasionally had to deal with it. Literally guests, their lines in plain text format or batch file, contain correspondence between IP addresses and their corresponding Internet domains, and is the file that Windows looks to resolve names without using Internet DNS servers.

This note is primarily aimed at those who have had to use the file, and aqueyos usually modify its contents to perform the above actions or perhaps to block various Internet content, other utilities that can be given to this Windows old element.

Hosts Switcher is one of the many solutions that gives the developer community to meet the needs of Microsoft systems admins. Why not use an application that allows us to quickly switch between predefined equivalence hosts file? That is precisely what this simple utility offers fully portable.

Its simplicity is such that it has a great interface, only a window of Windows that allows operations such as copy, delete, view and edit, plus of course select the file to use.

How do we use several files? Simply having the appropriate files in the folder where you originally home to hosts, which is none other than “Directory Windows System32 Drivers Etc”. To begin we can copy the file without extension-original-and paste, renaming descriptively to select it in the application. This can also be done in the program itself, thanks to the copy option and later viewing and editing.

For our safety, and if we have made a calculation or some change in error, a historical section – log – with us at all times in the bottom of the window, showing all activities conducted through the application.

In most cases they simply believe some predefined files and play with them posterirmente selecting them, something that can be done via the icon in the system tray quick selecting switch, quick change.

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