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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Windows |

Automating tasks were Windows 8

Automating tasks were Windows 8

Are only a few weeks to be released Windows 8, a product that is among the most important of the year and that means a new challenge for Microsoft: The scratching a piece of cake netbooks and tablets, and Windows is now more tactile than ever.

As we have discussed on other occasions, that is one of the main challenges facing a system that is intended to be the replacement for Windows 7, current version which received very good feedback from the community and that is the operating system World’s most popular desktop.

Although not yet released, and there are multiple applications and all kinds of guides and tricks to exploit the system. In techcrash have seen some, such as how to audit the use of memory or encrypt files and folders . Today we will see how to automate tasks through a tool called Task Robot.

Task Robot is an app for Windows 8, both version 32 and 64 bit system, which focuses on providing a tool through which we can program a cute robot tasks performed by us. For example, schedule sending emails, downloading applications or transform text automatically for us.

Ideal for routine, its use is quite simple and is completely assembled on the interface Metro: It’s very intuitive. To initiate us simply use the GO button! Slate or dashboard with which we are at the beginning. To add tasks, select from a list in which there are the following sections:

  • Manipulating Text
  • Share & Social
  • Windows 8
  • Working with websites
  • Mathematics
  • Programming

All are simple to use and contain subcategories. For example, in the section on regular expressions can create text, delete characters based on an input pattern, replace double quotes, etc. In the field of Share & Social, one of the most interesting, we can even send emails automatically.
The last section, the programming is aimed at advanced users, but for all categories that is most important, for the concept, dedicated to manage the system, an idea that can be the perfect way not only to meet some new features in Windows 8, but also automate.

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