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Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Avoid offensive on YouTube

Avoid offensive on YouTube

Lover? Internet ? If so, surely you will have had to deal, once, with participation by the community with which you may or may not agree. Internet is a place we build all.

Supported by the contribution of each of its users, and that we all participate in one way or another, the net can be a very offensive in which trolls and other individuals run free. People looking to offend own pleasure, try to excel in something and get attention, something that will surely decide demos and answer game.

And as the saying goes, do not feed the troll. Once you have fed the troll, as a comment, direct or indirect, can be lost. Many more comments can reach and why bother ins and applications emerge as Comment Snob , an extension for Mozilla Firefox that is rid of these people if we use is the Mozilla browser.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers, and a major with Google Chrome or Opera Browser, which is shared with a cake that was always Internet Explorer and fortunately is common. Comment Snob us from the following in the comments:

  • Comments inetgramente uppercase
  • Comments containing uppercase
  • Comments that contain no maúsculas
  • Comments with punctuation too
  • Comments with a remark bizarre
  • Abuse

For example, if we are writing a with half of that tiny case, this supplement will be able to get rid of it, as will other containing too many exclamations or interrogations. Ideal to continue to enjoy the video comments, which feeds Internet, without having to submit to the provocations of others.

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