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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Avoid procrastination on Facebook through Facebook Nanny for Chrome

Avoid procrastination on Facebook through Facebook Nanny for Chrome

. That word, popularized relatively recently, it is so appropriate to describe what we do in many cases in which, despite having a job or task to do, we get lost in that world that is the Internet, and spent hours and hours lost in the we could have done many of the tasks that are accumulating in our pile of things to do. The first thing to do to avoid it is mentalizing, although that may take time, and surely continue entering, by inertia, in all those websites that are undermining the productivity.

In September we talked about Nanny , an extension for Google that allowed us to fight those bad habits, and stand up to procrastination presenting a tool that could restrict access to specific sites that now we would show an access denied message. This is a great idea, although a variant that can be really interesting for people who are hooked on Facebook.

Nanny for Facebook is a complement similar cut in which we must do nothing to end the procrastination in the network of social networks. The original Nany was complicated to set up, but we needed an initial adjustment in a window where we have many options, hence its power. for Facebook sacrifices these options for total simplicity: Just install the add to get rid of Facebook, and we can only access it if we have any notification or message waiting.

Suppose we are in full working session, writing a piece of code, perhaps. We then headed to the browser and open a Facebook tab. With Facebook Nany enabled, the tab opens, but eventually darken after a few seconds and will remind us that we are supposed to work. Of course, if we have no notifications. If you want to disable the lock, just go to the screen and dial extensions complement as disabled, something that will probably only if you really have time to procrastinate.

A small tip or workaround to load Facebook, that I tell you only because it also requires a few extra steps to access the social network: Open a new incognito window and logarnos in our account. By default, no active Chrome extensions for incognito pages, although this remains a problem for your productivity, you can go to the screen and enable extensions even incognito session. Only for the procrastinators.

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