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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Internet |

Avoiding unsafe extensions in Google Chrome

Avoiding unsafe extensions in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a browser that quite often we speak through the wide and varied range of applications and extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. The truth is that, with a good selection, the browser can turn Google into a powerful business tool to help us manage our profiles, analyze the performance of our website or access to corporate applications using the implementation of Citrix Receiver . While Chrome is a browser that insurance (eg includes sandboxing ), if we are not careful and do our part, extensions can become a frame because, occasionally, some malicious slip requesting more account permissions (rather dubious purposes).

In this sense, the company has detected Harewood [some Tumblr and Facebook for that, promising changes in the interface, hiding unlimited access navigation data user, open tabs and data from websites. Facebook Network , which is one of these extensions, is still available in Chrome Web Store and is a good example of the pitfalls that may be encountered if we are not careful. Perhaps, before this case, one would hesitate to install or not this extension since no preview image or anything like that (besides the alleged purpose is redden Facebook interface), however, is a good example of what can hide malicious applications or extensions.

I recognize that, in the odd occasion, I spent a few minutes to extensions to “enhance” the experience of use in some other service (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.), changing the interface of these applications or services to include additional functionality or vary the design, however, before installing any application or extension is important for us to consider some details for our own safety and in order to protect our personal information and our privacy:

  • While we tend to read only the general description of the extensions (the first of the tabs that come in the form of an extension or an application for Chrome), it is important to agree to the details to review the details and, most important, requesting permissions.
  • When evaluating the permits, as happens when we install an application on Android, we must consider whether the features provided worthwhile extension to grant certain permissions. Put another way, the permissions requested must be consistent with the features provided by the extension or application. No sense in an application linked to change the look of the web interface of Facebook requires access to open tabs or our activity (continuing with this case Facebook Network).
  • The opinions of others are valuable information, is a collective knowledge that will help us make decisions because we can see if the extension is working properly or suspicious. In fact, if we locate something goes wrong, you should contribute to the community and comment in the views of the extension (to prevent others from falling into the same error).
  • Our feedback is important and, if we detect something suspicious, Google provides us with the opportunity to inform those extensions that are not making appropriate use of permits solictan ie requests more permits than they should and therefore , is dishonest purposes (so it should be removed from the Chrome Web Store). Once you click on this option, Google will send us to a website with a questionnaire we indicate the cause for which we consider inappropriate application and, depending on the received, is expected to withdraw the extension or application.
  • Revise and think before you click on the download button and installation, ie take a few seconds before clicking on the download button to avoid any future problems.
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