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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Internet |

Backstit, interesting homepage and content aggregator

Backstit, interesting homepage and content aggregator

Home pages can be a good way to increase our productivity while making us more comfortable access to the pages and content that usually visited by computer.

Conceived as a command center from which you access only to what we want. A few months ago we present not one, but ten alternatives to iGoogle , a product that Google decided to close but did support millions of users. In fact it still does, but within close for about a year, so it’s interesting to go see substitutes.

Today we add one more to the list as Backstit is noteworthy. To Backstit , we are always consuming information, and it is fragmented. The idea that you can see in the video below, is to unify in one place everything we consume, whether news sites, blogs like this, Twitter accounts, Facebook, pictures … We basically an aggregator content that will be our control panel and home page, or launch page.

Some of the advanced features of the site, and for my taste greatest attractions are the ability to not only add the above accounts of Twitter and Facebook, but also LinkedIn feeds or Instagram.

And best of all, the way to add content is organized in the form of groups. News, Social Networking, Shopping or pictures are examples. A product that looks really good, and we say this because even though it is in beta, we can say that it is fully functional in the absence of added some features already announced that they leave us wanting more.

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