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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Video Games |

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition comes to PC, Mac and iPad November 28

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition comes to PC, Mac and iPad November 28

It has long spoken of the updated version of Baldur’s Gate. Perhaps the big news besides the enhanced edition is becoming mobile and many of us look forward to that version. For those who have not played the Baldur’s Gate is the opportunity to discover a mythical game and that we carry around. Well the good news is that the game will be released on November 28, in four days, for almost all platforms.

Today it has unveiled a trailer and some details of this release. The first is that the departure date of November 28 is not for all platforms. The game will be released on Tuesday for PC, Mac and iPad. For Android tablets have said they are working on it and we have it soon.

New features in this version we find some very interesting. The interface has been redone with native support for high resolution displays and panoramic. Obviously there are specifics to facilitate play in the tablet version. The multiplayer is new and we can play well across platforms. Players in iPad, Mac, PC or tablets will play each other. We’ll see if the keyboard playing with will not have much benefit.

Cleaned and revised the original code to do everything faster and has purged thereby eliminated about 400 bugs. We have included all the innovations that brought Baldur’s Gate 2: The Shadows of Amn among which are the ability to use class kits, new sub-races and classes that were not available.

Also introduced new characters and quests and missions, which means more hours of gameplay. Finally, we have redone all other cinematic handmade. Also the game will continue to receive updates after launch.

In short, it is not a simple facelift to put HD textures to the game. Here is the original game but expanded and improved. For now you can prereservar for PC for $19.99 and no price yet for iPad and Android version. Click below to watch the trailer have been released for launch. Is the PC version but the others are on the same engine so the graphics should be the same.

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