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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Tablets |

Ballmer acknowledged that sales begin modestly Surface

Ballmer acknowledged that sales begin modestly Surface

Sales of Surface tablet with from have had a very modest beginning. That said Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, in an interview he did with the French newspaper Le Parisien and published on Saturday.

The CEO of the Redmond company added that it was because Surface only be purchased online as well as in a few stores in the U.S. Microsoft. In short, blaming distribution channels. He refused to provide any number of sales that Surface had so far. However, it is worth noting also that the demand was high RT Surface since more than a week was not in stock in your online store. However, he stressed that it is a positive factor and that the company will solve the problem quickly. He also confirmed that the capacity increase is part of Microsoft’s strategy.

So far, only the sale Surface RT, the most basic model of the two tablets. Remember, part of a $ 499 in 32 GB version without the keyboard cover to $ 699 in the version of 64 GB with cover-keyboard included. Her older sister, Surface Pro, it is still for sale. However, Ballmer told in the interview that will be released in three months. Remember that this is a tablet with features worthy of a ultrabook. It consists of a processor i% Intel Ivy Bridge, Intel graphics card HD 4000, 4 GB of RAM and a capacity of up to 128 GB solid discs. So far, it has not announced its price.

Finely, we must remember that only RT Surface market right now. We waited for Surface Pro goes on sale for a comprehensive and representative data in order to know if Surface curdles among users.

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