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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Economy and Business, Technology |

Ballmer admitted that Microsoft was late to the tablet market

Ballmer admitted that Microsoft was late to the tablet market

Two years and five months. It is the time that has passed since Steve Jobs [introduced the first iPad] in New York, until fired and Sinofsky , with Steve Ballmer, filed their response: Microsoft Surface . A period in consumer technology is an abyss. And now begins Ballmer himself to admit.

Just over a month since I got on sale early RT units, the tablet with ARM architecture that aims to gain a foothold among the tablet market already filled, and who dispute the iPad and some Android models mainly . After a week on sale, the first data were of a bestseller . Optimism was appeased when Ballmer spoke to a modest start .

To make matters worse this initial hesitation, Microsoft shares remain very static, without the big rallies and developments that have achieved notable upward in recent years rivals like Google and Apple. Issue that shareholders asked Ballmer, accompanied by Bill Gates, at the fact that such shares have barely increased their value in recent years. Ballmer, showing understanding, said he was working on increasing sales of its devices, and therefore the benefits of its shareholders. When asked (rather charge) on whether Microsoft should have reacted earlier to the phenomenon of tablets, especially the significant delay compared to Apple, Ballmer did not dodge the question.

Maybe we should have done it before, but now we are innovating union especially software and hardware.

After this point, the CEO of would recoup talking about the good sales numbers licensing Windows 8: 40 million in its first month, an increase compared to the first moments, which were indeed far below what expected . Figures that continue, give Microsoft a break to its shareholders, it would be a marked improvement over the figures of Windows 7, which remains the most popular version and early adoption by users, managed to sell 60 million licenses in its first quarter. Also had words of praise for highlighting received by Nokia and HTC for good results with the operating system Windows Phone.

In any case, even though Microsoft has made an upward channel with their latest products, should do introspection to locate faults that remain, details or characteristics that can cause great dissatisfaction or distrust of its users. For example, the cold water that earned him the first buyers of the Surface RT see that only 16 of its 32 GB were usable . Or the confusions of less advanced users about the different versions of Windows, RT and 8. Especially friendlier face to their future releases, as the smartphone that would be tested in Asia based on rumors.

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