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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Gadgets |

Basis: keeping track of physical activity to a new level

Basis: keeping track of physical activity to a new level

We are experiencing a boom of devices that record all our activity and we present data clearly and with plenty of statistics. The idea is to help you lead a healthier life without sports, only with more movement during the day. Today we present the Basis , a wrist watch bearing exercise this control to a new level.

As is the scenario we can now define two types of sensors. Bracelets, such as Nike FuelBand or newly remodeled Jawbone Up that we can wear all day and accelerometers which we move calculated based on the movement of our arms. Then we have something like devices Fitbit , which take up no end but not making activity count only if we move the entire body. Some can measure the quality of sleep but everything is based on three-axis accelerometers and algorithms.

I did try the Basis is joining other sensors for the measurement is as accurate as possible. A accelerometers that can measure steps and distance, join an optical sensor heart rate to “see” your blood flow through the wrist and can determine the heart rate during the day or night. Then have a sensor for determining transpiration intensity of activity you carry out. Finally incorporates two thermometers, one for the skin and other environmentally.

By this you can determine what we are doing and the intensity of it. Not intended for athletes and people who indicate on their website as the optical sensor does not replace a chest strap and do not measure the heart rate of a race. In contrast, the whole device is complemented by a website which has all our information so that we can make mini goals and to achieve better goals have to first perform the most basic. The first is to take the watch a certain number of days so what they do is put from Basis very achievable challenges that increase in difficulty over time. This will avoid frustration for missed targets.

The watch retails for $ 199 and can now be ordered in your web . Also syncs with smartphone applications. From now on paper looks good but I like to see how the whole entire pack. Although it looks that have put a lot of work on the web if the clock is not will rise. The optical sensor is obviously not work as well as the Alpha , whose performance has been tested running at high speeds. It also misses a bit and watch design that is not all it might be nice in some team sports and is not allowed to take anything so great on the wrist, with what we lose monitoring. I think that is focused on people who do sport and thus never be able to measure both your normal daily activity and quality of sleep. But I’d like to see in the future a version made for people doing sports. You do not have to put GPS (which would be fine) but would require that the reliability of the sensors work in extreme conditions.

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