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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Technology |

BendDesk: multitouch workspace

BendDesk: multitouch workspace

Having a workspace in which we feel comfortable is an important requirement to perform our functions avoiding procrastination and, therefore, is a factor that can contribute to improving our productivity. Depending on the work environment in which we move, it is not uncommon to find work tables with one or more displays using desktop features expanded and perhaps before long we see in offices using Microsoft Surface (now that his departure date market is next). In the RWTH Aachen University in Germany have also decided to work on a new concept of workspace to increase the meaning of “expanded desktop” since BendDesk transform our table or our booth at a large touch screen .

The project, which is a prototype for now, is based on the use of a pair of projectors used to project the image on the two panels forming the table and the front panel, ie, the user will see images projected on the table and work on a panel which is in its line of sight. Three cameras and several infrared sensors are responsible for monitoring the movements of the user’s hands to pick which parts of the table is playing and respond accordingly because they also are multi-touch surfaces and allow the user to manage photos or videos with gestures handle it just as a tablet.

What utility can have a system? Although it is still a prototype, the concept is quite interesting since a computer can connect to the system and use the table itself (and the typical separator between desks or cubicles) as a work surface and interaction, gaining work surface to project images and eliminating the need to use a keyboard or a mouse to perform certain actions.

It may seem that the concept is somewhat less advanced and ambitious Microsoft Surface but, in many cases, simple approaches can lead to products not cost too high and likely to materialize in the market but, in the case of BendDesk, still have to spend some time to mature the system and see if it really would have possibilities as a commercial product (and not stay in a project, by the way, quite striking).

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