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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Internet |

Best Firefox Extensions, 2012

Best Firefox Extensions, 2012

Are only 5 days left in the year 2012 and, as has become tradition, we take these days to look back and take stock of the best we’ve found this year. Browsers have become a key part of our daily life, to work (more and more web applications to enterprise level) to experience the web in our leisure time. Among the spectrum of existing browsers, Firefox has always held a special place among users and, this year, Mozilla has worked hard in that Firefox 17 will become a social browser that integrates some social networking services (such as Facebook) improving user experience.

One feature of Firefox, as happens with Chrome , is the wide range of existing extensions that can increase the functionality of your browser and accommodate our needs. The number of extensions in is quite large, and is growing almost every day, however, taking advantage ending the year we will spend a few minutes to find the best extensions we tested for this 2012.


EPUBReader is an unusual extension that turns Firefox into an eBook reader, especially books in EPUB format. The operation is very simple, after installing the extension, all you have to do is drag and drop the file on Firefox EPUB, from there will open a tab with the book and its index, so we get to read in full comfort. Furthermore, this extension opens the doors of several websites where to find free e-books with which to increase our digital library.

Textarea Cache

Textarea Cache is a supplement worth having installed and activated on your browser as we can save the odd angry. Surely, we all have spent some time after typing in the text box on a form, an error has occurred and we lost everything we had written. Textarea Cache precisely aims to minimize these situations to temporarily store write all text in text boxes (textareas) or WYSIWYG editors and will accrue a kind of history with all the text boxes that have been writing and therefore can retrieve at any time.


Abduction! is an extension that is worth keeping in mind as it will provide our Firefox instance of a tool to take screenshots. The operation is very simple, click with the right mouse button on the site being displayed and click on “Save Page As Image”. From there we can save the image of the entire page or a specific section.

Send to Kindle for Mozilla Firefox

Send to Kindle for Mozilla Firefox is the official extension for Firefox that Amazon has developed so that we can send content to the Kindle. The operation is very simple, we captured a piece of text from a website that we are looking at (or throughout) and send it to our book reader with the added comfort of being able to preview the content or modify the title or the author (to make us easier to identify in our e-book reader).

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is an old acquaintance of any basic list of extensions that every user of Firefox should have. Why it is important this extension? The answer is simple, this extension allows us to keep under control the advertising that we find on the websites visited, block domains that are likely to host malware, block Java or Flash, scripts eliminate or even modify style sheets. This extension can be installed without restarting Firefox so no excuse not to install it.

Hootlet HootSuite

Hootlet HootSuite is an extension developed for Firefox HootSuite to carry their service social profile management. The aim is to make us easy to share content and, with that idea, if you visit a site that we want to share via Twitter or Facebook, click on the extension button will open a window to publish content via HootSuite or schedule publication for a certain date and time.


Unzip is a curious Firefox extension that gives a compressed file manager, put another way, we can open compressed files and decompress ZIP format on your desktop. The extension still allows many things, for example, it is possible to choose the folder where you want to unzip the file contents but, of course, is a very interesting feature to add to Firefox.


Cryptocat extensions is one of the most interesting we’ve seen in this year 2012 as a service offers instant messaging, encrypted private. Cryptocat is an open source project that provides encrypted channels using AES-256 and protocol OTR ( Off-the-Record Messaging ) that allows users to exchange information without fear of being intercepted by others and that, in future, also aims to be present in mobile devices (as is also present as Google Chrome extension ).


WOT is an extension that has some time and properly, this is not 2012. Still, this extension worth having this job that offers data from a collaborative project web reputation, ie we know if the site to which we are accessing is legit or not (something that will indicate through a system of traffic lights). The idea is simple, do a Google search and annexed to the search results, we see an indicator (green, yellow or red) with the confidence level of the website (which also applies to links that come annexes in our Gmail emails or links you find on Wikipedia).

Push to Kindle

Push to Kindle is another extension with which we deliver content to our Kindle and read comfortably from the e-book reader from Amazon. The idea is simple, we found an interesting article on a blog and, if you do not have time to read it on the fly, so we sent our Kindle to resume reading later. While this is similar functionalities to the official extension of Amazon, with this extension we can do some things like turning the contents EPUB, MOBI or PDF.

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