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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mobile |

Best iPad apps for kids

Best iPad apps for kids

Although many iPad users treasure their device and would think more than twice before turning to amateurs, in the App Store we can find a significant variety of educational games and applications that are intended for children. Why? Because the has proven to be a great learning tool for work and also for children.

Obviously, they have different ways of using the device. So also have at their disposal an enormous amount custom applications that fit, for example, learning needs, games, stories, and more. We selected ten applications that serve as “gateway” if we just buy an iPad and the smallest member of the family also wants to join the fun.

  • Maily : this is one of the most attractive proposals that have come into the world of children’s applications. For that you get used-or emulate their parents addicted to email-Maily is the first approach that can have children-from 4 years-with email. With this application you can send personalized emails to your family and closest friends, quickly and safely. Mails can “draw” using digital pens, drawings, and using custom backgrounds, among other things, to restructure a bit as usual we have to send emails.
  • PIXEL’D : This app was created by Disney for kids to have fun with their favorite characters. This is an application of animations and drawings that allow kids to create their own drawings with pixel art, either directly from an idea in their head to the classic Disney characters. The appeal of this application lies in the animations that occur while children are creating their drawings, in addition to several features that allow the little artist share their work with family and close friends. Not worth the little ones steal, because it is suitable for all ages and can be addictive for parents.
  • Baby Piano School : with this app kids can have their first introduction to the world of music. They are 8 animated characters to teach students how to have to play a song, what are the main notes on a keyboard, which, besides being divided by grades, also has color-coded to make it easy to differentiate. They say it is easier to learn from young people with this app so we can make sure that happens. Besides piano, has an important battery of sounds like drums, saxophone and more. It has, indeed, other music games that complement the experience, making it one of the most complete applications.
  • Magic Piano : in the same direction, Magic Piano is an application which, although not intended for the little ones, can be very attractive. Imagine that, as adults, we spend considerable time playing with the keys: the children will find it fascinating. Piano is a game that allows us to play the most popular songs of the moment-is updated regularly, and earn points to unlock further tracks. Something like Guitar Hero, but suitable for all and very simple to use.
  • Doodlecast : drawing apps in iTunes are many, so we concentrate on finding one that could provide a differential value. DoodleCast comes into play, a nice application that not only allows children to make their scribbles on a device as friendly as the iPad, but also can record themselves talking to then share the file with their parents.
  • LEGO ® Super Heroes Movie Maker : no matter what time we, the LEGO are a childhood classic. But, of course, over time they have evolved. With this application kids can create short stop motion film based on the characters of superheroes designed by Lego, choose color filters for the camera, and even assign a soundtrack. For sitting directors, without having too much knowledge. Movies can be saved to the Camera Roll from iPad and then shared with family and friends.
  • Spider-Man AR Book : the world of augmented reality can not miss on applications for children. This time, this application allows boys to read and have fun with the adventures of Spiderman, using different elements in the story to turn augmented reality-Spiderman mask, a pair of glasses, and much more. Although in English, are the images the main attraction of this app.
  • Little Digits : this application does not have to worry about the language. With Digits Little kids can use their fingers to learn to count, but not only in the traditional manner. Although English is not a barrier, because the numbers are the same everywhere. The application is designed to increase understanding among smaller numbers, and it never hurts to have a mathematical approach from an early age.
  • Times Tables : on the same line, this app helps kids not only understand but also memorize the multiplication tables. Through these math children must rescue the characters and be rewarded for correct answers with virtual trophies and medals.
  • Move the Turtle : leave the best for last. With the Turtle Move children can learn the basics of programming, making the Turtle Move is a basic app in the classroom, for example. The application uses a graphical interface for kids to create their own, but also introduces concepts that instill good from an early age, such as the planning of complex activities by parties, the reuse of previous work and the use of graphic and sound programming.

As we said, the applications for children are a world apart, so it’s a matter of visiting iTunes and get lost for a couple of hours to find the one you like to shoot.