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Posted by on Nov 17, 2012 in Curiosities |

Best Pet of fantasy and science fiction (II)

Best Pet of fantasy and science fiction (II)

Yesterday we published the first part of this post about pets unforgettable and science fiction. We speak of eight as Ampersand Y The Last Man, Pen Pen from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gargoyles Bronx, K-9 from Doctor Who, Dug Up, Gremlins Gizmo, Greebo Discworld and Zero The Nightmare Before Christmas .

Today we added eight new pets. As always I encourage you to comment and leave your impressions. Let’s start.

Ghost (Game of Thrones)

Best Pet of fantasy and science fiction (II) image 2

Jon Snow is the owner of this albino direwolf, rescued him as a puppy with his brothers Nymeria, Grey Wind, Summer, Lady and Hairy. Lives in the wall next to his master and the night watch. Ghost is white, red-eyed, silent and lonely. The eldest of his brothers but the last to be found.

Nibbler (Futurama)

Best Pet of fantasy and science fiction (II) image 3

This charming little being was found and adopted by Leela in Vergon 6. This is actually innocent Lord Nibbler, a nibloniano, people there from the beginning of time. Its mission is to protect Fry because he is important. Noted for its great voracity and excrete dark matter fuel spacecraft. In Futurama could also appoint Fry’s dog Seymour displayed in the chapter Jurassic Bark How could I forget?.

Black Hayate (Full Metal Alchemist)

Best Pet of fantasy and science fiction (II) image 4

When I was a puppy was found in the rain by Sergeant Fuery, who took him to the barracks. No one could take care of the dog, however Riza Hawkeye, the loyal bodyguard of Colonel Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, stays with him. Riza immediately puts in the small village of Black Hayate a loyal, brave and true will end up being a second lieutenant through Mustang.

Muffit (Battlestar Gallactica)

Best Pet of fantasy and science fiction (II) image 5

In the classic series of the late seventies appeared this strange pet, someone who always gave me much uneasiness. Muffit was a robot dog belonging to Boxey. The character was played by a real chimpanzee embedded within that strange disguise. The real Muffit died on Caprica during the Cylon attack, this strange Muffit II robot was created by Dr. Wilker.

Hedwig (Harry Potter)

Best Pet of fantasy and science fiction (II) image 6

In a world with turner, portkeys, wands, dragons and magic potions used to owls as carriers, something that always puzzled me a bit. Do not exist a better way? This owl was the most faithful pet of Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. A gift from Hagrid for his eleventh birthday. Unfortunately the white owl died during the Battle over Little Whinging to be hit by a Murderer Hex.

Jonesy (Alien)

Cat of the ship Nostromo and silent spectator of the struggle for survival against alien Ripley. Without the presence of this animal some scenes of the film would not be as intense and terrifying.

Salem Saberhagen (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

The mascot more mouthy, critical, funny and sarcastic throughout the collection. Salem was a powerful sorcerer nearly 500 years, but his evil plans for world domination was sentenced to one hundred years as a cat. Although he had been living with Hilda and Zelda, who is with Sabrina really gets to connect.

Podo and Kodo (The Beastmaster)

His master was no more nor less than the Beastmaster (Marc Singer). During these two little ferrets film first rob the hero, then save and accompany him on his adventure, eventually one of them dies, never remember which. Its owner communicates with them telepathically, ferrets prove to be very useful in helping the hero many times and serving as comic relief to the plot of the story.

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