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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Best practices for developing apps request permissions Facebook

Best practices for developing apps request permissions Facebook

Generally we recommend users to beware of applications that install on Facebook. Why? Because they require a significant amount of permits and we must ensure that this application comes from a trusted source before installing. But side application can also follow a series of steps to ensure the maximum amount of facilities.

When developing an application is obvious that we have in mind the needs of the user and their best interest. It’s the same with the permissions. From Facebook Developers premisos recommend only using extended as to be presenting this need in applications. We agree. They also recommend that to increase the number of applications do not ask more than 3 initial permits.

I’m not a developer of apps for Facebook, but I have seen success stories-and case-based dismal failures in application permissions. So, I recommend 4 keys to keep in mind when ordering facility permits.

  • Full Clarity: try to maintain clarity when we ask users to install our application. The correct name, developer information accessible, and all we can add to make the user experience somewhat knowledgeable.
  • Explanation: In relation to this, if we are asking too many permits because we have no other choice, then we can explain to the user, typically through a landing page that can be activated when the user declines for the first time permits – to do what we used. This can be very successful in achieving greater number of facilities.
  • Permits limited: as recommended by Developers, we agree. Should not order more than 2 or 3 permits the installation of the application. This will leave more relaxed to users who are somewhat paranoid about the issue of permits. And if we need more permissions or yes, we can try …
  • Permissions progressive: as the user is using the application you can go asking permission. For example, if we need to post on their wall some of its activities, then we can ask to ensure that he has the right to decline if you do not want published, but I have the application in use.

What other recommendations are to ensure better facilities index Facebook applications?

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