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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Best practices for event coverage by Twitter

Best practices for event coverage by Twitter

Let’s talk a little more about the events via Twitter. Last week we told you a bit about how to select the best hashtag when covering an event , but do not talk too much about the itself. Today we are going to solve this with a guide to best practices for coverage of an event through social networks, most notably Twitter. As we advance a few days ago, the first thing we need to do when facing an event depends on whether we-or the brand we represent, we are the organizers, or event is a third.

What differentiates the two things, I think, is purely nominal. Perhaps we, for example, we see involved when selecting a hashtag to represent the event. But we still have to make a dedicated-coverage depending on the needs of our customers. But beyond the selection of a good hashtag, when making coverage of an event by Twitter, we have to take into account some clues.

  • Interesting facts and useful: something we have to consider is that, if we are in a massive event, many people will be tweeting at the same time as us. Our advantage lies in being an official voice. So we have to be informed about interesting and useful things-for example, curiosities about some aspects of the event, hours of presentations, number of attendees so far, best ways to seize the day, and so on. This data is very important to retain the users who are following us and choose us over other forms of information.
  • Speed: Another important aspect of the coverage via is speed. We are not a newspaper or a blog. Our times are different. So we have to go just commenting things are happening. If you’re from a mobile, we are likely to have the fastest fingers in the county, the same goes if you are working from a computer connected to a WiFi network. Other people, like we said, they’ll be saying the same thing, so we will also have to be …
  • Creatives: there is an overabundance of comments on in the same hashtag. Some like it, some do not, everyone is going to comment on what is happening. The key here is to be ourselves and have a creative opinion-which, obviously, can not fail to mark bad off as we speak on their behalf.
  • Images: Images are also critical when making coverage on Twitter. Therefore, we recommend synchronize with Instagram Twitter account of the brand, which also allows us to add filters to the images are other aesthetic-of course, if we do not have Instagram can use any other image hosting for social networks even on the same Twitter. The images do not only see our fans that we are there, living the event, but also enable them to experience it vicariously if they could not go, and find other things if they are there.
  • Involve users: not only have to think of the users we are reading at home. We also talk with those who have come. A great way to make our audience feel involved is through the same broadcasting tools that gives Twitter. If a user makes a comment with a tip on the event, or says something interesting we can do for the rest ReTweet also learns. And besides, so that more people are interested in using the hashtag.
  • Answer queries: RT addition, there will be others who are-or not-in the event and have questions. Therefore, it is essential to review the entries have an account. We need not do it all the time-in fact, we can not concentrate on so many things at once, but we can build a schedule with five minutes every hour devoted to answering user queries, depending on the duration of the event in which we.
  • Have a mobile extra: we do not have something to do with the software but it is essential. If we are doing the coverage of an event that lasts long, then it is likely that, after intensive, mobile battery deplete we are using. This can be remedied by carrying an extra battery, a more mobile, computer or tablet, depending of course a decent internet connection at the site of the event.

This is merely a guide to best practices, each of us can be developing their own voice when making coverage of an event. But I guarantee it’s a fun experience, and once we tried it for the first time, we will not want to stop.

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