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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Social Networks |

Better Nest, an extension to enhance the experience on Twitter

Better Nest, an extension to enhance the experience on Twitter

The vast majority of the time, when we talk about a product or service, we usually focus on talking about the features or technology that supports a service, however, the (maybe one of the most important) there are times when we tend to overlook it. Improve the user experience, putting or doing easy things that a system is simple and intuitive to use or give us all the information we need to have available are details that many companies put the focus to improve their products but nevertheless at other times we need to use other applications or add-ons to enhance the experience of using a service.

The web interface of Twitter, but was redesigned recently, perhaps not as comfortable that we would like and, in fact, could be improved some aspects relating to access to information (or have something more accessible information that we consider of interest). While we may use third-party clients (or extensions as Silver Bird although the odd twist with its API ), many users are still using the web interface and it can also improve (and greatly enrich the user experience) If you use extension by Better Nest .

Better Nest is an interesting extension for Chrome with which we can add some “extras” to the Twitter web interface and improve some details and eliminate the occasional annoyance. With this extension, our experience of using Twitter will improve enough that find such interesting details as a list of people who are following us (we quickly see people who have decided to follow), people who no longer follow (a detail that many seek and end up being prey of some application that launches tweets without permission), an interesting list called “I on this day” with which we can see the tweets you send on the same day but in previous years (as long as they have not been more 3,200 tweets) and, more to clean interface, we can delete the profile list to follow (which we recommend Twitter) and the list of trending topics.

Better Nest, an extension to enhance the experience on Twitter image 2

Furthermore, when new tweets in our timeline, after clicking on a message of “new posts”, the scroll will not move interface and new messages are placed on top of the pile of tweets but our line of sight will not undergo any change.

An extension Interestingly enough, really, worth trying if you’re using Google Chrome.

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