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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Video Games |

Big Picture, the Steam attempts to become a video game

Big Picture, the Steam attempts to become a video game

While preparing the long-anticipated arrival of to Linux or Half Life 3 (it’s about time), Valve just released Big Picture , the first serious attempt of the company to jump on the PC and move to television to become the background in a more focused console interface to control it from a command that from a mouse and keyboard.

The idea is this: taking advantage of the vast catalog of Steam, social possibilities and it is relatively simple to connect the PC to the TV through various means Why not customize the interface for it? Thus, with a single command and convert all the titles added to Steam in games console that can play quietly from the room.

A good idea that suffers from some weaknesses, for example, there are games that are designed for use only with a mouse, like Civilization, or still are best controlled with all this, like Counter Strike. These are the possibilities but also reminded projects as Ouya , Android console $ 99, which also adapts games originally designed with other intention to the big screen.

Along with that, browser comes with a focus on television, that after fiascos as including the PlayStation will be interesting to test and test to see how it behaves. On the other hand also seems to incorporate a system for writing rapidly mixing console joystick use with the 4 basic buttons.

Big Picture may be of interest to either play from the TV to connect to a larger monitor and play from a little more distance. Probably not an alternative that excites pro hardcore gamers but others appreciate both strengthens while Steam passing to other territories and can be complemented by efforts to sell software too, not only games, through its store. Currently only available for Windows via a button in the upper right corner.

Link: Big Picture

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