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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mobile |

Review: Gmail 2.0 for iOS

Review: Gmail 2.0 for iOS

Let’s admit it: the 2.0 version of for looks fantastic. Usability has improved considerably, but the most interesting is that this application has been completely renewed after six months of work by the Google team. It is also a welcome update users, since frankly, considering the overhaul that Gmail has been taking for a long time, the mobile app had to correspond with its efficient web version. In the first attempt, last year, failed miserably. It seemed Mail, native iOS application for mail, would remain the undisputed decision. Far.

We present our detailed analysis of the Gmail app for iOS, tested on an 2. We will be relying on some important axes as the interface, usability, functionality and writing emails, and other details that will be added in each of the sections. The fact that this is important facelift, positions the Gmail app as a serious competitor for Mail-I am seriously considering making the change, and shows that Google has not dropped arms when introducing their products in devices Apple (you know, after “escandalete” Maps of other trifles).

The interface

While in the first version of Gmail we were awful with a replica of the web version, this time we have an app fully optimized to maximize the benefits of iOS. The interface is very similar to what we find in the web version, but modified to take full advantage of the touch screen and operating system details.

At least since the iPad, if you have positioned horizontally we find the Inbox bar on the left, with a significant deployment of e selected on the right. The images are shown to perfection in almost all e-surely an iPad with retina display will enjoy this completely-and navigation is ensured for optimal user experience. In this sense, it is quite different from mail but we have added some details that are important in design: now we can see the avatar of the user who sent us an email, and view an image with its initial unless it has the same.

Through the menu button located in the upper left corner, we find all of our account options: unread messages, folders, mails marked as important by Gmail automatically, and more. It is like the equivalent of the taskbar that we have in the left side of the web version. This is also very simple to navigate and completely intuitive, especially for users of Gmail. The difference is noticeable with the first version of the application. In the same panel we can access our configuration, to enable messages directly from the iPad Out of Office, Vacation response for example, create a signature only for mobile and more.

To start closing, the interface is one of the most important and noteworthy that the application has. That is, not to mention the interesting features that we face.

Usability and writing post

Obviously, we have to prove how easy it is to write an email from this app. The interface provides a red button located on the left panel where we can compose the message. This will lead to a new frame within the application where we can write our name first contact, where we will see the page with your photo, name and email, handy-the direction from which you are sending, and the matter . All very normal. Testing it with a Bluetooth keyboard on iPad Tagwood, fluency is very good and experienced no slowness at all. The same goes for email response.

The usability of this application is very interesting because it will up the ante. We can use as an alternative to quietly Mail because it has unique features, now we’ll see, but for now we can emphasize the ability to synchronize multiple accounts, but also because it has an easy to navigate interface. Furthermore, we can safely put in the dock next to mail to take advantage of the app without having to go moving between screens. By enabling push notifications, the Gmail app is much faster in notifying a new post and also to recover the server. In short, we offer more and faster than Mail

New features

The new version has a nicer interface but not why we are interested. Google has introduced some very powerful and useful features in version 2.0 of their email, perhaps thanks to the purchase of Sparrow few months ago, that we will below:

  • Support for multiple accounts: through the side panel can use two email accounts at the same time, entering all fields we need.
  • Infinite Scroll for the inbox, without having to wait too long to access all our emails.
  • Predictions autocompletadas search to save time while we have to look for a post.
  • Response to Google Calendar invitations from the same application, without having to press to go elsewhere. When we accept directly from the app, and we’ll have an appointment or meeting coordinated on our agenda, which is very handy.
  • Integration with Google+ through +1


Experience with Google app has improved a lot, and although not fully confirmed, we can see the influence of team Sparrow in many of the details that we have. For the first time we multiaccounting support, which is fantastic.


The application is very fast, very simple to use if you are used to having Gmail as main box, and even the emails arrive faster than Mail If we are heavy users of the latter, might cost a little change, but has similarities in the interface. Sparrow users also appreciate.
We leave some screenshots so you can see what is the Gmail app 2.0 for iPad, but ultimately left us a good taste in your mouth.

Download: Gmail 2.0 for iPad

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