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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Black Menu, an extension that provides access to Google services

Black Menu, an extension that provides access to Google services

One aspect that I like about Google Chrome is that, thanks to its extensions and applications and the bookmarks bar, I have three points of reference in which to condense more applications and services that use and access them much faster and effortless. Increasingly services as part of everyday users (YouTube, Google Reader, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc) and have quick access to them is something that is always welcome and facilitates big difference. In the Chrome Web Store, precisely, we can find an extension, called Black Menu , which focuses on a single menu access to each and every one of Google’s services.

Black Menu is an extension for that installs in the upper right corner of the interface (focus all extensions next to the Omnibox) a menu, after clicking on the icon, it shows a shortcut to each and every one of the Google services associated products ranked in search engine (search, flight search, blog search engine, video search engine, search engine patents, Google Maps, etc), Google+ (access to publications, the hangouts, the photos , profiles, etc), Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Play, Google Calendar, News, and some more Google Drive through Picasa, Blogger or Google Analytics.

Given that Google put date of death to iGoogle , this extension can be an interesting way to focus all our activities in a single control panel and access each service in a simple way because, really, is quite comprehensive extension and I do not get any service out.

It’s worth installing it because it is comfortable in use and can be accessed, for example, Android devices we have associated with our Google account with just two clicks, an example can serve to illustrate how this extension “bridges the gap” . Anyway, no harm would have been an option to customize options and add/remove options to the two levels of menus and, for example, eliminate services that are not available in our country (eg tenders).

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