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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in SmartPhones |

Blackberry 10 L-Series: new images

Blackberry 10 L-Series: new images

From Crackberry we get one new images of what the new terminal that Blackberry is preparing to launch a review of its operating system.

Although we had seen some pictures of the new terminal and yesterday we saw a teaser of what could be, not until today that we have given way to blurry images to see the Blackberry 10 L-Series in all its glory. As you can see is a device that breaks everything we knew of RIM and relocate the Blackberry on the map.

The device looks very nice, with a design and quality materials that look and that leaves behind the physical keyboard to join the conference all other manufacturers with a screen that dominates everything. One can appreciate the details is that the lid can be opened and that the battery will be interchangeable.

Very reminiscent of the iPhone and the back gives a very corporate look and sober. We’ll see how it feels in the hand like finishes. And above all see that this is the screen and how it works with BB10. You can see the images in the gallery.

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