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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Software |

BlackBerry App World BlackBerry World is now incorporating video and music

BlackBerry App World BlackBerry World is now incorporating video and music

Today was held another installment of developer events for mobile devices from RIM, the BlackBerry. This time the BlackBerry Jam has come to Asia, and in the city of Bangkok, Thailand, there have been many surprises that these Canadians have shown us, and for the future of your brand: BlackBerry 10.

But not only announced the long awaited first prototype BB10 QWERTY keyboard , it also announced a complete redesign of its app store, which first received a new name , as it will be known as the BlackBerry App World to be called simply BlackBerry World.

The reason for this could not be clearer, and that is that the app store will become a store of all kinds of media, so now offer both applications and songs, albums and music videos and movies of course (in a future and in selected territories).

For several years iTunes offers all this kind of content for mobile devices from Apple, Google also revamped its Android Market when to become Google Play, for if wants BlackBerry 10 again to place on the podium of the mobile, the which has been displaced, not surprisingly, also choose to offer all content for entertainment. And is that with BB10, the BlackBerry want to go from being known as the ideal for executives and companies, to be ideal for any audience, including the most difficult: the young audience.

In the BlackBerry Jam Asia was also announced that the final version SDK will be available from December 11, to allow developers to begin porting their applications or create new and wonderful software awaiting the arrival of these new handsets RIM during the month of January 2013.

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